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Why Should you JUICE?

Juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and help you lose weight.

It will also help clear skin, acne and blemishes due to the juice removing the toxins from within the body which caused the skin to have breakouts. 

There are many more reasons you should juice so contact us and we would love to share more!!!


Our goal is to help you and guide you to experience Mental, Physical and Spiritual alignment. Most people focuses on one or two but not normally all 3 (The Trinity). 

Mental - 

We want to help create a peaceful environment away from stress and the noise of life.

So when you come to our location we can guarantee a serene atmosphere. 

Physical -

We have partnered with Coaches and Trainers who can assist with the development of your body. They will guide you along your path of gaining or loosing weight while strengthening your muscle.

Spiritual -

We offer prayer to every customer who enters our establishment. Prayer helps relieve stress, helps with clarity of the mind and it invites God into the situation so you are no longer fighting your problems alone. 


La'Ebony Wade


Is a beautiful person with a loving heart. She is a strong and creative individual that has a passion for God and her family. She has been married to Phil Wade II for 9 years and they have 8 amazing children. They currently have a marriage ministry called Puzzled Marriages which helps others put the pieces back together by guiding those to find where they belong and how they fit in their marriage. La'Ebony is a native of Kankakee, IL, but she moved to Dubuque, IA at the age 15. Iowa is where she blossomed into the great stylist we all know today.  She is now the owner of LaEbony Stylez. This innovative stylist currently lives in Tulsa, OK and she has been licensed for over 16 years. Her vision is to help people feel beautiful/handsome from the inside out. La'Ebony is more than just a stylist, she is also a certified Life Coach and a certified Doula. The mantle that she carries is an Apostolic Prophetic Intercessor that is sent to declare change in regions and nations. One of her main desires is to see people prosper in their purpose and to encourage them to operate to their maximum level. Now after seeking for her next steps, she stumbled upon juicing and it changed her entire life. She did 60 days with only juicing and she has never felt better. There were so many great things that happen within her body, with her quality of her skin and so much more that she decided to do more research. After seeing the results for herself and doing extensive research, she now wants to bring JUICING to you. 

Brand Mission

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